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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Held products?

Held products are available in well-assorted stores specialized to motorcycle garments. Use our dealer search to find your nearest dealer in your area.

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How to determine the right size?

Every person is unique and nothing is more annoying than wearing motorcycle clothing that does not fit exactly. Therefore, we always recommend trying on a product before purchasing with expert advice from your Held dealer. Use our dealer search to find your nearest dealer in your area.

A first indication for examining the proper size is our size chart.

How to clean and care my Held-products?

The proper washing and cleaning of your Held-products will extend their life cycle considerably and ensures optimal performance over their lifespan. With our care tips you can learn how to prolong the durability of your leather and textile clothing, helmets and gloves and maintain their protective effect in the long term.

How many years do I have warranty on?

We basically grant a two year warranty on Held products from date of purchase. Please contact your Held dealer from whom you purchased the product in case of a warranty claim. Warranty claims will not be considered if the goods are damaged or destroyed by force majeur or environmental influences, damage caused by improper handling or care, the goods having mechanical damage of any kind or the product has not been expertly repaired.

Who do I contact in case of a complaint?

First contact in case of a justified complaint is your Held dealer from whom you purchased the product. The dealer will decide how to deal with the individual case and will get in contact with us if necessary. Please understand that we can not accept complaints directly sent to us and will return consignments at the sender's expense.

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