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Gore grip technology          


Gore‑Tex gloves

W.L. Gore & Associates is renowned as a specialist for the manufacture of highly functional, breathable, wind-blocking and water-repellent membranes for motorcycle gloves. Now these attributes have been further improved with GORE-TEX glove with Gore grip technology, a revolutionary technique that ensures a sensitive grip feeling and optimal comfort for the hands.

Gore‑Tex gloves

The Challenge

Motorcyclists demand a lot from their bodies, and especially from their hands. A biker's hands have to steer, clutch, brake and simultaneously give the engine exactly the right amount of throttle. That's why good motorcycle gloves must satisfy rigorous requirements. They must protect the biker from injuries and damage to the joints. They must remain lastingly breathable in the summer and watertight in the rain. And they must be very comfortable to wear. But until now, a glove that could satisfy all of these criteria always posed another problem: it significantly reduced a biker's feel for the motorcycle. Now Gore has found a way to solve this problem. The solution is called "Gore grip technology".

Gore‑Tex gloves

The Innovation

Many watertight motorcycle gloves are made of four layers: a sturdy outermaterial; an insulating layer; a watertight layer and a lining material. The robust new membrane used in the + Gore grip technology makes it possibleto eliminate two layers. Furthermore, all remaining layers are laminated to one another using a special three-dimensional process. Gore developeda new thermal adhesive with a netlike structure so that it doesn't reduce the glove's breathability. These gloves achieve unprecedented excellence in fit, comfort and toughness. Motorcyclists feel as though they're wearing single-layer gloves that could easily grasp even the smallest objects. This ensures excellent levels of tactility and ergonomic comfort. Put those two together and you get perfect control over your bike – in every situation.

GORE-TEX membrane

Ideal for cold conditions

GORE-TEX gloves will be permanently waterproof and breathable.Rain and snow will not be a problem, and perspiration will evaporate away from your skin through the outer shell of the gloves.The result: Your hands are warm when the cold weather hits, with no loss of feeling or control when quick reactions are needed.

Reliably waterproof

  • bad weather is no longer a barrier
  • comfortable dry hands transform the riding experience

High breathability

  • moisture can evaporate from the glove
  • your hands stay warmer for longer
  • your gloves will dry out quicker, even if your hands perspire

Quality check

  • uncompromising checks from raw material up to the finished product ensures the highest quality
  • satisfaction guaranteed

Gore‑Tex gloves

For best results, whatever the weather, we build Held GORE-TEX gloves with advanced textiles.

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